Last moments before the start of the contest. Connection is established, equipment is checked. Some reach for their mascots, and some give the last instruction. Gathered from all over the world at the Positive Hack Days, the teams couldn't even imagine what an adventure was waiting for them, and what could come out of it in the end. One can expect anything from PHDays, but who could fancy that in this very place, at this very time a portal to another world is predestined to open?

A bright flash – and the participants find themselves in a different world transformed into elves, orcs, skeletons, and other fanciful creatures. A nice little worm with a strange name Detcelfer, who seems to be quite sophisticated, meets the newcomers. He explains that this world hadn't known neither discord nor strife until recently.

All kinds of creatures lived in harmony side by side, but then evil demons came destroying everything on their way and making the life of peaceful inhabitants unbearable. The age of darkness began. The only hope of the wretched people was an ancient prophecy about the heroes who will be able to defeat the dark monsters.

In the virtual world, the pace of time is different. Two days of the CTF battle turned into two long years in D’errorim. In two years, the portal was to open again, and only then our newly-made heroes could return home. The teams used this time to strengthen their castles, to develop the local resources, to help the civilian residents to solve their problems, and, of course, to doughtily defeat the four terrifying monsters – the robot, the demon, the spider, and the hydra. Now it was time to say goodbye. The teams and local habitants came together to wait for the portal to open, but then...

No one could expect that to happen. The little worm was beginning a valedictory speech, when suddenly the fifth monster – the red and white golem – burst into the crowd.

The heroes being taken aback and unarmed had nothing to do but to escape via the portal. The last people leaving D’errorim could see the little worm growing and transforming into another monster in front of the golem.

Having passed through the portal, the saviors of D’errorim finally found themselves in the CTF zone of the PHDays forum — tired, tattered in hardships and battles, but renowned forever. The legends about their great deeds will go the rounds, but what is the destiny of the world they have experienced their unforgettable “reflected” adventure in? What was that terrible metamorphosis of the little worm they believed to be kind and wise?

A breaking news broadcast reveals the shocking truth.The newsreader reports attacks against four world's major companies conducted during the last two days. FOUR companies?! A computer worm, Detcelfer, appeared in the Net and inflicted unprecedented damage on the world economy. It means that… The experts detected about fifty sources the worm was spreading from. FIFTY sources?! The fifty participants of PHDays III CTF are listening breathlessly, trying to understand, starting to realize the truth… A huge amount of computers are infected, the epidemic threatens to involve every device on Earth. The Positive Technologies company summoned the task force of experts code-named Golem to neutralize the dangerous computer worm. Well, if the fifty “heroes” are no longer on Detcelfer’s side, then Positive Technologies' experts have succeeded with their task!

Life is full of mysteries, my friend. How to draw a line between the objective reality and the world behind the looking glass? It's sometimes hard to distinguish good from its distorted reflection in a pool of stagnant water. Fighting for a just case, how to be sure the victory will not suddenly turn into a fiasco? Even heroes can mistake light for darkness, and it is a great luck if it happens only in a game. However, one thing is clear — only heroes can struggle so vigorously for what they believe in!